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Calipitter Chow

Before the butterfly emerges from its cocoon to search for the perfect blend of sweetness and sustenance, the caterpillar must survive and grow.
Neither savory nor sweet, both savory and sweet, a perfect blend of savory and sweet--however you describe it, this flavour can be your breakfast, dinner and dessert. An ironically "more mature" flavour than Butterfly Bait, they have nothing in common and yet complement each other perfectly.

Calipitter Chow is a slightly sweet entree, a savory dessert--it is an anytime, all the time, all day vape. And it proves a mesmerizing addition/complement to tobacco vapes. Calipitter Chow does need a bit of time for the ingredients to properly mingle and get along with each other.

Mix at 5-7%

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This concentrated flavour will need mixing with your base ingredients (PG, VG and Nicotine, if required) before use.