Brie Cheese - FLV Flavour Notes

Brie Cheese

Tested @1%, Diluted in 70/30 0 Nicotine

Tested on a Smok R200 @ 100w with a Bonza 0.14 ohm dual coil Flaptons.

Manufacturers description " Soft creamy spreadable brie cheese with low mold. Surprising flavor profile is very vapable, and quite compelling for people who need something new that is not another custard-yogurt-berry parfait. However, you will have trouble with this flavor if you vape it stand-alone. It is an excellent base pairing with cream, milk, and or greek yogurt. Fruits like rhubarb, coconut, and nuts like pralines or a FLV cheesecake if you want to add a crust. "


Strong brie cheese that has a little saltiness.

8 Days

Some of the brie rind is coming through

16 Days

This is now getting creamier in the background

26 Days

The rind note has become stronger along with the creamy note

Suggested usage

Accent 0.1% - 0.25%, Background 0.25% - 0.5%, Main 0.5%-1%. Standalone 1%-1.5%

I'd use with Cheesecakes, fruit, creams.


This concentrate is for the more adventurous mixer, this is a strong and realistic Brie with a strong rind note, the white crust on a wheel of brie, after the rind note you then get a slightly sour and creamy dairy cheese with a full mouthfeel. Due to the strong rind note this is almost camembert like, however the dairy cheese note although slightly sour it isn't as sour as that of a camembert.

This would be very useful within a cheesecake or yoghurt mix, when used low as an accent, to boost the sour dairy note a lot of cheesecake flavours are missing.

For a vape with a difference try pairing this with slightly acidic fruits like blueberry or apricot, this may also work well grapes and apples.

Flavorah recommended usage start at 0.25%


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