Chocolate Deutsch - FLV Flavour Notes

Chocolate Deutsch

Tested @1%, Diluted in 70/30 0 Nicotine

Tested on a RX200s with a Bonza 0.14 ohm dual coil Flaptons @ 130w.

Manufacturers description “A German chocolate cake flavor. Works as a chocolate chip note in other recipes requiring a chocolate. This is a very nice compliment to a our Cured Tobacco, Creme de Menthe and Coffee flavors.

3 Day Steep

Chocolate cake with a hint of coconut no off flavours.

20 Day Steep

This has increased in strength, this tastes like a dark chocolate cake with coconut and a thick mouthfeel.

Suggested Usage

This is a very strong concentrate so as a stand alone I would use this at 1%-1.5%.

As a main flavour 0.25%-0.5%

As a background note 0.1%-0.25%

Think about pairing this with other cake flavours, coconut and chocolates, will be useful to boost the chocolate notes in other chocolates as low as 0.1% will work well with heavy creams and custards

Flavorah recommend – None available


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