Cola - Wrecka (REK) Flavour Notes


Tested @5%, diluted in 70/30 0nic

Tested on Royal Hunter 0.2 80w 70/30 0nic

1 day steep and 7 day steep

no obvious change in flavour from the steeps maybe a slight increase in strength.

Tasted very much like a generic store bought flat cola, with no cooling effect, but without a lot of effort could be turned into a Cola bottle Sweet.

Use as a Cola or add a little Cap jelly candy to turn into a cola bottle candy.

Suggested usage

Usage: Standalone use 5%-8%, in a mix as a primary flavour 3%-5% as a background 2%-3 accent mixes at 1%-2%.

Should pair well with other Colas, alcoholic beverages, vanillas and some fruits like cherry, lime, orange. Should also work well with Almond.


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