Rich Cinnamon - FLV Flavour Notes

Rich Cinnamon

Tested @ 0.1% & 0.5% using a 10% dilution, diluted in 70/30 0Nic

Tested on a R200 Bonza dual coil 0.14ohm Flapton @ 100w

Manufacturer’s description – “Very highly concentrated, this cinnamon flavor only needs .5-2% solution to deliver full flavoring notes. Not the red-hot candy cinnamon, this is the rich, natural ground cinnamon flavor profile that you would find in a sticky bun or apple fritter. Delightful flavor for any savory that needs cinnamon. Extremely potent too. Note: This flavor contains cinnamic aldehyde.”


0.1% - mild fresh cinnamon this is not overly dry

0.5% - Stronger cinnamon this has lost the freshness and is now tasting like Cinnamon red hots.

33 day steep

0.1% - No change

0.5% - No change

Suggested usage

I’d use this as a main 0.25%-0.75%, Background 0.1%-0.25%, Accent 0.05% (Approx. 1-2 drops)- 0.1%.

I’d use this with Bakery, Cream, Custard, Fruit, Candy, Floral, Nut, Beverage, and Tobacco.


This is a very strong flavour I would advise to use this at a 10% Dilution to make it easier to measure small amounts. At 0.1% this is quite mild but will be strong enough to become a main flavour in a light mix, taken up to 0.5% this becomes much stronger and starts to get a little heat to it like cinnamon red hots at this % it would be too strong for most mixes and would start to take over, only use it above 0.25% if it is being paired with other strong flavours. Although this cinnamon is strong it isn’t overly dry, there is a slight moistness to it which would make it suitable for a variety of applications such as bakery and creams.

Flavorah recommended usage - Start at 0.15%


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