Sexy Mango - Wrecka (REK) Flavour Notes

Sexy Mango

Tested @5%, 70/30 0nic

Tested on a Royal Hunter at 0.2ohm 80w.

Tested after the initial mix and then 3 days and 7 days

No obvious change to the flavour from SnV to 7 days.

This is an unusual concentrate for me at least, as it has the Cooling (poss. Ws23) already in, it's quite a full Ripe tasting Mango at 5% standalone I was getting an almost earthy note on the backend, but this is also something I taste when eating mango.

Off tastes: The cooling would be one if you don't like any sort of cooling in your liquids, the earthy flavour although there is a slight back note that could possibly be covered by pairing with another Mango or other fruits.

Suggested usage

Uses: Wherever you would like mango with cooling, fruit Mixes and possibly Ice Creams.

Usage %: As a main note in a Recipe up to 5% this also works for me as a standalone % .

In a recipe where you'd want this as a back note I’d suggest 1.5-3%.


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