Sweet Coconut - FLV Flavour Notes

Sweet Coconut

Tested @1%, 70/30 0Nic

Tested on VV Pulse BF with Bonza RDA 0.14 Dual Ni80 Fused Claptons.

Manufacturers description “Clean and fresh coconut flavoring is like pure white, grated coconut shavings. Unlike our standard coconut flavor that is rich and toasted, this sweet coconut is fruity and light. Excellent for mixing into drink clones like piña coladas. “

1 Day steep

Lick - Fresh Sweet Coconut Flesh

Vape - Sweet Coconut more like the milk and a slight hint of Flesh, very light.

8 Day Steep

Lick - Fresh coconut with a slight bitter taste (Husk?).

Vape - A fresh slightly sweet Coconut this is the coconut Flesh, this is a light flavour.

15 Day steep

increase in strength, still a very realistic strong coconut flesh without a lot milk, sweet with a slight husk note.

Suggested usage

I'd use this at 1%-2% for the main taste of coconut in a mix and as a background/Accent flavour 0.5-1%.

This will go well with most creams, Vanilla and fruits for an exotic twist, this would also go well with desserts, cocktails and some tobaccos also pair well with Jasmine.

With that husk note I personally would not use it in bakeries, but anywhere you want a fresh Fleshy coconut use this.

Think about pairing with another coconut like FA Coconut if you want some coconut milk as well

Flavorah recommend – 2%-5%


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