Tropical Punch - FLV Flavour Notes

Tropical Punch

Tested @ 3%, diluted in 70/30 0Nic

Tested on a R200 Bonza dual coil 0.14ohm Flapton @ 100w

Manufacturer’s description – “Like tropical fruit dropping from the trees, this bold and balanced flavor is ripe for picking. Stand alone, it is a fantastic tropical anchor for your daily vape.”


Light generic tropical fruit blend. This needs a steep for the fruits to brighten up and become identifiable

7 day steep

Slight increase in strength, this has brightened up the main fruit in this is a mix of red berries, strawberry and raspberry, there is some tartness to this but I’m unsure if this is off another fruit that I am unable to identify at the moment.

14 day steep

No change

33 day steep

There is now a pink guava like note to this with a slight pomegranate like tartness, possibly a watermelon, along with the other fruits mentioned in the 7 day steep test.

Suggested usage

I’d use this as a main 2.5%-4%, Background 1.5%-2.5%, Accent 0.75%-1.5%. Standalone 4%-5%

I’d use this with Fruits, Beverages, Yoghurts and possibly some Creams.


This isn’t as a strong as I expected from FLV. This seems to be a blend of Red Berries, possibly a forest mix and what seems to be Pink Guava with a slight pomegranate like tartness and maybe a hint of watermelon. I would mainly use this in fruit and beverage mixes to add complexity and depth to these.

Flavorah recommended usage - Start at 1%


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