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Ultimate Guide to Nicotine Shots

Welcome! If you’re looking to customize your vaping sessions with precision, you’ve found the right place. Our nic shots are designed for vapers who want control over their nicotine intake, offering a straightforward way to adjust the strength of any e liquid.

Nicotine shots are the secret ingredient to personalising your vape juice. Ideal for those who love to mix their own flavours or adjust the nicotine level in their e liquids, our shots provide a clear, flavourless addition that integrates seamlessly into your chosen vape juice. Whether you’re reducing your nicotine consumption or seeking a stronger hit, our range of nicotine shots meets your needs without altering the taste of your favourite vape flavours.

Technical Information:

• Volume: 10ml
• Nicotine Types: Freebase, offering a traditional throat hit
• Strength and Ratio: 18mg, 70% Vegetable Glycerine / 30% Propylene Glycol
• Flavour: Unflavoured, preserving your e-liquid’s original taste
• Packaging: Secure, childproof bottles to ensure safety
• Compatibility: Suitable for all types of Short Fill, Long Fill, One Shot and Bottle Shot products. 

How to use:

1. Decide on your target nicotine strength.
2. Determine the right amount of nicotine shot for your e-liquid. Email us at if you're not sure!
Usually it’s 4 in a 60ml Long Fill, 2 in a 120ml Short Fill and 4 in a 250ml Bottle Shot.
3. Add the nicotine shot to your e-liquid bottle.
4. Shake well to mix thoroughly.
5. Enjoy your custom-tailored vape juice!

More Information:

Developed with quality and versatility in mind, our nicotine shots are crafted to provide you with the freedom to customise your vaping experience to suit your preferences and goals. They are a popular choice among our community for their reliability and ease of use.

How do they differ to Salt Nicotine Shots?

  1. Stronger Throat Hit: Freebase nicotine tends to provide a more pronounced throat hit compared to nicotine salts. This can be appealing for former smokers or individuals who enjoy the sensation of smoking, as it more closely mimics the feeling of cigarette smoke.

  2. Slower Absorption Rate: Freebase nicotine is absorbed more slowly by the body than nicotine salts. This slower absorption rate can lead to a longer-lasting satisfaction from each puff, which might be preferable for those looking to reduce their vaping frequency.

  3. Better for High-Wattage Devices: Freebase nicotine is generally more suitable for use in high-wattage devices and sub-ohm vaping, where larger vapour clouds are produced. Nicotine salts, conversely, are often recommended for lower-wattage devices and those who prefer mouth-to-lung hits.

  4. Flavour Profile: Some vapers believe that freebase nicotine offers a cleaner taste, allowing the flavours of the e-liquid to shine through more prominently. 

  5. Cost-Effectiveness: In some cases, freebase nicotine e-liquids can be more cost-effective than their salt nicotine counterparts. This can be an important consideration for vapers who use e-liquids more frequently and are looking to manage their vaping expenses.


Q: Can these shots be used with any e-liquid?
• A: Absolutely! They’re compatible with all Short Fills, Long Fills and Bottle Shots.
Q: Will adding a shot change my vape flavour?
• A: No, they’re designed to be flavourless so your e-liquid’s taste remains unchanged.
Q: How do I know how much nicotine shot to use?
• A: If unsure, just email us at
Q: Are nicotine shots safe to mix at home?
• A: Yes, when following our simple instructions, it’s safe and easy.